Q: Let's say I am working "from home" aka CANTEEN, on my laptop, and drinking a coffee, I want to switch to a vodka/soda, BUT, I have not finished my work yet!?

A: First, it's important to understand that this is normal. You are not alone! Approach the bar with confidence and ask the barkeep if he/she could make you a vodka/soda in a coffee cup. This allows you to still feel like you are working, and even be on ZOOM calls! LASTLY, and we cannot stress this enough.... do NOT check the time! 

Q: My boss asks me if we can meet up to go over my progress on a project. She doesn't want to go to Starbucks because its "noisey", Other than Starbies I really only go to bars, what do I do?

A: This is what we were built for. Since you're most likely already a member, all you have to do is reserve a meeting room. It's quiet, theres an "office entrance", so your boss will think you are taking them to the place you work from everyday, and technically.. you are!. Once your boss leaves, you can just walk back to the bar area of CANTEEN, where you belong! 

Q: I am never sure what I want for Dinner, my significant other says everywhere I want to go takes forever for takeout, or is obnoxiously overpriced! What do you suggest?

A: The SAMPY PLATTY is the clear choice for this. You get to pick 3 times, it's ready super quick, you get to combine choices, like WINGIES, A HEARTY SALAD, and PRETZEL KNOTS and you both feast for $22!



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